My name is Liz and that incredibly handsome man next to me is my husband, William. I specialize in photography and William is the video man, but we have taught each other well and we can both do a little of each! When not behind the camera, you can find us chasing around our two little boys and three (yes, you read that right...3!) dogs. I am a big fan of iced coffee (every day of the year) and romance novels. William will be happy to talk your ear off about all sports, but especially hockey and football. 

HEYY! Seriously. We're so happy you are here.

About Us

While we absolutely LOVE capturing memories, we totally know having a camera follow you around isn't everyone's favorite thing. It's always our goal for you to walk away from your session and feel like you just had FUN and want to do it again. We joke, we play music, we don't take you too seriously. The best photos are always captured when you are experiencing JOY.  If this sounds good to you, keep scrolling and hit that "let's chat" button below!! 

....and we want to have a really fun time doing it!

Every couple, person, and family has their own story. It is our goal to capture exactly that, whether that be through photo, film, or both. We love and appreciate a good "posed" photo, but we really love those unposed moments. The moment where you are embracing your loved ones, or moments when I tell you a really dumb joke in attempts to make you laugh. We want you look back at your photos or film and remember the exact emotions you were feeling right then. 

We want to tell your story.....